Employment exit and transition to retirement

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Employment exit and transition to retirement

Leaving employment and transiting into retirement is an individual process, which does not happen at the same age for everybody, nor does it happen under the same circumstances. Many people work part-time as an interim step before retirement and some keep working after they have reached their retirement age.

Whatever path an individual decides or is forced to follow, planning for retirement should be part of the overall career development plan and workers should be encouraged to commence planning in advance of an anticipated retirement date. 

Organisations can assist older workers through their transition to retirement in various ways: 

  • Creating an environment of trust where workers feel able to be open and honest about their plans for retirement;
  • Allowing staff to take gradual steps in their transition to retirement: e.g. reducing working hours, allowing flexible working time arrangements; and
  • Ensuring that workers know where they can seek support and guidance during their transition into retirement.