What is my role in the return-to-work process?


4: Return to work

What is my role in the return-to-work process?

Know your rights 

Your employer has a legal obligation to treat all workers equally and to provide reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. This means that employers have to take appropriate measures to enable a person with a to have access to and participate in employment. 

It is important to know your rights, and to make sure that you are aware of your company’s policy in case you develop an illness or suffer an injury.

The importance of cooperation

Successful return to work usually involves cooperation between you, your employer, your healthcare provider, and the health and safety representative. Your employer should work with you and your doctor or other health professional to develop a plan based on what you are able to do. 

If you are on longer sick leave, try to keep in touch with your employer right from the beginning. This may include:

  • Making regular phone calls or emails; 
  • Asking to be kept up to date with what's happening at work; and
  • Agreeing on what details of your illness or can be shared with your colleagues and what should be kept confidential. 

Overall, your active participation in the process and staying motivated to get back to work as soon as advisable, are important factors in the success of your return.

Examples of good practices