How can workplaces promote health?


3: Health promoting workplaces

How can workplaces promote health?

As explained in the previous theme, your employer is obliged to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment. But employers can go a step further and address health in a broader way, through . Simply put, this means that they promote a healthy lifestyle by providing a health-promoting work environment and working conditions conducive to health. 

Examples of how employers can promote health are:

  • Providing health education, training on health related topics;
  • Ensuring a good work-life balance, e.g. by allowing flexible working arrangements such as work from home (teleworking);
  • Promoting a healthy diet,  e.g. by providing healthy food options in the canteen;
  • Promoting physical activity, e.g. by installing showers so that you can go for a run during lunch break, or offering financial assistance for recreational activities;
  • Promoting professional development; and
  • Organising training on time management.  

Do you have some ideas about ways your employer could help you to stay healthy? Why not share them and encourage your employer to implement a programme?

Since 2014, every worker who has been employed for 26 weeks or more has the right to ask for flexible working.  Requests for flexible working have to be made in writing and your employer must respond within three months of the request.  There may be business reasons why your request cannot be agreed.  

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Examples of workplace health promotion programmes