How can I help create a safe and healthy workplace?


2: Healthy workplaces for all ages

How can I help create a safe and healthy workplace?

It is the employers’ legal duty to consult workers or their representatives and allow them to take part in discussions on all questions relating to safety and health at work, including, the right of workers or their representatives to make proposals. Health and safety representatives have the right to ask the employer to take appropriate measures and to submit proposals to mitigate hazards for workers and to remove sources of danger. 

Ideally, you should be involved in the process and in decisions on improvements and necessary adaptations.

Indicating risks at work 

The process offers you and your colleagues the opportunity to share your front-line experiences about:

  • Your work environment;
  • The way your work is organised; 
  • Any other issues that might affect health and safety; and
  • How risks can be eliminated or minimised. 

Besides taking part in the process, it is also important to regularly share your views and ideas on how the workplace can be improved with your line manager or worker representative.

Examples of good practices

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