Good practices

Addressing physical health

A large coal mining company has identified increasing rates of sickness-absence and among its workers. The company initiated a programme to reduce sickness absence and the incidence of (MSDs) through prevention. It also aimed to improve workers’ health by awareness-raising and health promotion activities.

The programme targeted all workers, and across all departments, whether mining or administration. One of the elements of the programme was a consultation/discussion with the workers who returned to work after sickness absence. This discussion aimed to better understand the work-related causes of sickness absence, and what adaptations might be needed and how working conditions could be improved. The company also implemented ergonomic and psychological workplace interventions, training, coaching and supervision, as well as preventative medical examinations, preventative vacations, short breaks and sports activities. 

This programme led to improved prevention and early detection of diseases, especially MSDs. It also reduced level of absenteeism and number of accidents. 

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