February 4, 2014
Two-wheeled motor
Safety culture
What is it?

An interactive tool to help supervisors assess their employees' exposure to road accidents and design an action plan.

Who is it for?

Employers and policy makers for all sectors.

What is the benefit?

Preventing road accidents when commuting to and from work, or while working.

Evaluation and action plan of road risk

Getting Started

The tool is simple to work with.

  • Access the website and do an assessment of employees' occupational road risks.
  • Consider suggested solutions to design an action plan.

The process consists of several steps.

  • First, at-risk employees are identified through an initial evaluation of road risks.
  • Second, they fill out a questionnaire related to work and journey management of vehicles and drivers, company infrastructure, etc.
  • Third, users obtain a diagnosis of the occupational road risks for their company.
  • Finally, the application provides solutions to help design an action plan or be used in a meeting.