A soft drink, your best friend
A soft drink, your best friend

What is it?

A campaign aimed at preventing fatigue-related road accidents, carried out by the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) and the Spanish Soft Drink Association (ANFABRA), with the support of the Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT). Since 2006, they have been organising annual activities, especially at those times of the year with massive outflows of traffic, such as Easter, summer, etc. Making use of previous studies charting drivers' knowledge level and preventative habits, they run various informative and training programmes.

Who is it for?

All drivers.

What is the benefit?

Avoiding fatigue-related road accidents.

Getting started

  • Access the website and follow the tips.
  • If you are an employer or a policy maker, read the article carefully and pass it on to your employees or discuss it with your partners in a meeting.

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