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A guide to good practice for managing work related vehicle risks in the EU, with a specific focus on workplace transport, driving for work and working on or near a road.


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The main part of this guide are good practice examples for you to learn from. To find the good practices that are applicable to you we have tagged them by vehicle and by risk.

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Working on or near a road

We do not have much data on accidents involving work on or near roads. This may be because it is not clear who should collect and maintain such data, whether it is the road authorities or the labour inspectorates.

Workplace transport safety

A high proportion of workplace transport accidents involve non-drivers, i.e. people who have no direct control of the vehicle or equipment.

Did you know?

The UK Highways Agency reports that four workers have died in the first half of 2005 – compared with just one death in the whole of 2004. “Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace, yet road workers risk death and injury at work every day [and night] making sure our roads remain safe and in good condition.”

Injuries to road workers in New South Wales, Australia cost more than 100 million Dollars a year.

Maintenance of highways is responsible for the highest individual risk of employees in Switzerland. The risk to be killed or injured is 10 to 100 times as high as the mean risks for workers.



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Do you drive, work with on, or around vehicles? This guide can give you practical solutions on how to do that safely. Search the good practices by vehicle or activity type.

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Are you managing or controlling vehicle related risks to your workers effectively? This guide gives you good examples on how to act on vehicle related risks, to create a safer work place for your workers.

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Do you want an overview of the legal requirements, key risks(management) and effective good practices relating to work related vehicle use in the workplace and on the road? This guide will be your starting point to understand how work related vehicle risks should be managed to prevent injury.

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