As a worker, you are expected to make correct use of machinery, apparatus, tools, dangerous substances, transport equipment, other means of production and personal protective equipment.

Workers must inform their employer of any work situation presenting dangers, and they should cooperate with the employer in the protection of health &safety and help ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe.

Workers are liable as car drivers on the roads and must obey the rules and regulations that apply concerning speed limits, seat belt use, use of mobile phones, securing of cargo, driving and resting regulations, and in general being fit to drive and attentive while driving.



The legislation clearly states that the employer has the overall responsibility for the safety of the workers. This means that you as an employer need to assess risks and act to prevent them.

This guide can facilitate finding the proper good practice to minimise the risks that you have identified in your workplace. Check out our interactive risk assessment tool OiRA


Safety Expert

Safety expert

The safety expert can help in identifying the risk factors present in different types of production and work.

As a safety expert you can help in doing risk assessments and guide employers, workers and managers with respect to where to find the relevant rules and regulations concerning the safety issues related to the work, what measures can be applied, and how to impose these measures in order to obtain good safety effects.