April 2, 2014
What is it?

A website for people who work with containers, with information on the possible presence of toxic gases, the safety risks and some recommendations on preventing health problems. It also provides other resources such as leaflets, diagrams, tests and useful links.

Who is it for?

People who work with containers (employees, but also employers and policy makers), at ports and airports, but also in logistics and distribution centers.

What is the benefit?

Alerting people to the dangers of toxic gases used to fumigate goods or related to their manufacturing.

Toxic gases: Don't be taken by surprise

Getting Started

  • Access the website.
  • Go through the website: it contains relevant information as well as leaflets, diagrams, tests and useful links.
  • If you are an employer or a policy maker you can discuss about it contents in a meeting and give it to your employees.