April 2, 2014
Safety culture
What is it?

This guideline include tips and advice on good practices for driving safety. The focus is on heavy vehicle transport, but also addresses lighter vehicles (e.g., company cars). The guide was developed by Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) Safety Task Force.

It includes safety advice for drivers on fatigue, drugs and alcohol, seatbelts, passengers, loads, road rules and signs, mobile phone use and high-visibility drivers and vehicles. Advice for managers concerns leadership, driver qualification and selection, driver training, vehicle selection and specifications, vehicle maintenance, vehicle pre-start checks, vehicle data recorder systems, on-site road and traffic management and journey hazard management. The guideline also gives safety-related advice for transport contract management.

Who is it for?

Drivers and their managers, for both cement- and non-cement-related sectors, for all company vehicles and drivers, contractors and sub-contractors, on either private or public roads and premises.

What is the benefit?

Helping drivers and managers adopt good safety practices and thereby reduce accidents and injuries.

Recommended good practices for driving safety

Getting Started

The guideline gives specific advice on relevant safety principles and safety measures for drivers and managers.