January 30, 2014
Safety culture
What is it?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an initiative that helps to tender for business, saving money, improving safety and reducing environmental impact. It is a key project of the London Freight Plan. FORS provides a quality and performance benchmark for van, lorry, mini-bus, coach and bus operators and allows access to benefits. FORS can provide the tools to help to become safer, greener and more efficient. FORS awards Bronze, Silver and Gold status to lorry and van operators that provide evidence of safety and environmental performance. FORS supports to help operators achieve the required standards.

Who is it for?

FORS is subsidized, voluntary and open to any company operating fleets including vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches. It helps tendering for businesses, saves money, improves safety and reduces environmental impact. FORS has a national network of auditors and has a framework of auditors from 10 European member states.

What is the benefit?

FORS can help you to realize a health and safety culture within your company, providing you with the information you need and the tools that can help. Even if you have an existing health and safety policy and procedure in your company, this information could ensure that it meets the best practice.

FORS - Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

Getting Started

To access FORS you need a password. You will get a password after you register. FORS has a very clear structure and provides you with the information and tools you need to follow the best practice. Different checklists and flow charts help you to ensure that you have an efficient and comprehensive Health and Safety process in your company. If you are from London or surrounding you and your drivers can take part in FORS workshops. FORS online driver training provides you with essential information about work-related road safety. It will get you to think more about the causes of road accidents and, how to prevent them.