January 30, 2014
Physical hazards
What is it?

A checklist with advice for cycling with poor visibility. Many people use their bicycle to commute to their workplaces or as part of their work. Dispatch riders cycle in all weathers. A newspaper deliveryperson starts very early in the morning, when it may be still dark. They are particularly at risk of accidents due to darkness, rain, snow, being hit by other vehicles, slipping and falling.

Who is it for?

All cyclists, especially those commuting to work by bicycle or cycling as part of their job.

What is the benefit?

Following the tips decreases the risk of accidents. Keeping your bicycle in good condition (e.g. light, brakes) makes it possible to react quickly to awkward situations and prevent accidents.

Cycling in poor visibility

Getting Started

The checklist provides safety tips for you as a cyclist, both for your bicycle and for your cycling behaviour.