Containers: Attention! Toxic gases
Containers: Attention! Toxic gases

What is it?

A joint initiative carried out by the French National Federation of Ports and Docks, customs, the Confederacy and departmental and local unions. It was intended to prevent intoxication by toxic gases of sea container workers through the distribution of leaflets and stickers at the ports of Le Havre, Marseille, Fos-sur-Mer, Dunkerque, Saint-Nazaire and Paris Gennevilliers.

Who is it for?

Employees, employers and policy makers in the sea transportation sector, and governments.

What is the benefit?

Alerting people to the dangers of toxic gases used to fumigate goods or related to their manufacturing.

Getting started

  • If you are an employer or a policy maker, read the article carefully and give it to your employees.
  • It may also be used and discussed in a meeting with your partners.

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