Good Practices

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A series of short speechless self-explaining films about safety issues of professional drivers on the road, emphasising...Read more
A guide with practical and technical information on preventing accidents when loading or unloading containers, handling...Read more
A leaflet on the opening of fumigated containers. Containers in Europe are often treated with pesticides in order to...Read more
A website for people who work with containers, with information on the possible presence of toxic gases, the safety...Read more
A joint initiative carried out by the French National Federation of Ports and Docks, customs, the Confederacy and...Read more
A safety net to secure loads quickly and simply.Read more
A leaflet with information and tips on safe coupling procedures for lorries and trailers, provided by the German...Read more
The factsheet provides information and tips on the safe handling of fumigated containers. It gives advice on how to...Read more
A guideline with an overview of regulations, information and good practices (e.g. loading plans, risk assessments)...Read more
A tool to prevent container doors from opening unexpectedly. Heavy cargo in containers can pose a serious risk if it...Read more