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A series of short speechless self-explaining films about safety issues of professional drivers on the road, emphasising...Read more
A factsheet on improving a company’s safety performance, using an interview with Kevin Warburton of TNT postal and...Read more
A case study on promoting safety among delivery riders for a pizza delivery company in Cyprus. They introduced a...Read more
A set of factsheets with tips and guidelines on organising the contents of light commercial vehicles for safer driving...Read more
The factsheet provides information and tips on the safe handling of fumigated containers. It gives advice on how to...Read more
A video showing how accidents between pedestrians and forklifts may be prevented by creating separate areas for...Read more
A leaflet on reducing road accidents, highlighting four very important, yet simple principles: no speeding, no alcohol...Read more
A tool to improve communication between international lorry drivers and workers at chemical plants. It provides...Read more