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Driving in traffic is the riskiest thing many people do while at work.  Most people are not aware of this. Sales persons, pizza deliverers, plumbers, computer consultants, midwives and many others are at risk of having a road accident whenever they drive for work.

Working on or near a road

Many different work activities are carried out on or near the road, and each is associated with a unique set of risk factors. Road maintenance normally requires workers to work on the road, where they may face threats from heavy machines, fumes, noise or aggression from other road users. Work activity carried out near the road, such as litter collection or maintenance of grass verges in urban areas, involves other risks. However, one risk factor dominates whether the work is on or near the road: interaction with road traffic.

Workplace transport safety

Workplace transport safety is the management of hazards and risks associated with the use of a vehicle or other moveable equipment, by an employer, worker, self-employed person or visitor in a fixed or temporary workplace. Workplace transport is one of the main causes of accidents in the workplace. According to UK estimates workplace transport is responsible for around 50 fatalities and over 1600 serious injuries every year. Most of these accidents are preventable.