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About the e-tool

This dangerous substances e-tool will give you an overview of the safety and health hazards associated with dangerous substances and chemical products in the workplaces of your company. Based on your input, you will get tailored, company-specific advice on how to apply good practices and measures, and on how to follow the relevant rules and regulations. If you take the recommended action, you will effectively reduce the risks caused by dangerous substances and chemical products in your workplace.

This EU-OSHA e-tool on dangerous substances and chemical products intends to support enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enterprises without specific knowledge of these issues, with their management of dangerous substances in the workplace. The tool aims to be a good practice tool, to raise awareness and to make it as easy as possible for companies and workers to check their situation and to apply risk reduction measures.

This tool is based on a well-implemented national tool, the KEMIGuiden, from the social partner organisation PREVENT, Sweden. EU-OSHA is very grateful to PREVENT for making this tool available and for supporting its development with competence and experience.

The e-tool can help you to improve safety and health in your company and your workplaces. Answer a set of question and you will get advice tailored to your particular situation. If you apply the good practice measures suggested by the tool, you will reduce the risks associated with dangerous substances and chemicals in your workplace. The tool will also provide information on what laws and regulations apply to you and on how to follow them.