Good practices

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A retailer employs over 600 employees, of which 20% are over 57 years old. The lines of production require a high degree of task specialisation, which makes it costly to recruit and train new workers. To ensure the continuity of production and reduce staff turnover, as well as to avoid reducing valuable skills and experiences, the company introduced a mentoring scheme.
A sewing plant employing 3000 people received complaints from the employees about the work and working conditions. The movements were repetitive and caused eye strain and there was a continuous exposure to noise and vibration. Due to this, the quality of work decreased, which resulted in complaints from customers. The company decided to address the problems by improving the work environment.
A small roofing business was facing high rates of physical health problems, due to the heavy outdoor work involved. With its workers getting older, injuries and longer-term musculoskeletal disorders kept three out of ten employees regularly at home and on sick leave. The company realised it needed to address the problem.
The majority of staff working at a painting company are over 55 years of age. With high sickness-absence and staff taking early retirement, the company was facing labour shortages. The company realised that they needed to implement an age management programme to support its older workers.
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