Healthy Workplaces for all Ages

The e-guide is structured around four themes, which present different aspects of ageing at work and provide guidance on health and safety management and related issues for ageing workforce. In addition, each of the themes includes examples of good practices and useful links for further reading.

Click on 'read' to enter a theme or on ´+´ to learn more about the topics addressed by each theme:

  • 1
    Ageing and work
    • Why is ageing relevant for work?
    • What do I need to know about ageing?
  • 2
    Healthy workplaces for all ages
    • Ageing and health and safety at work
    • How can I help create a safe and healthy workplace?
  • 3
    Health promoting workplaces
    • Kako radna mjesta mogu promicati zdravlje?

    • Što mogu raditi kako bih zdravo stario/starila?

  • 4
    Return to work
    • How can work help me recover?
    • What is my role in the return-to-work process?
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The e-guide is based around four themes. By clicking on ‘+’ you can learn more about the topics addressed in each theme, and by clicking on ‘read’ you will enter a theme.
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