Work ability

Work ability can be described as the balance between the resources of the individual and work related factors. Work ability is also influenced by the environment outside of work. Personal resources include the following elements: (1) health and functional capacities; (2) competences and skills; (3) values, attitudes and motivation. Work related factors comprise work content, work environment, work organisation and leadership. (Source)

Workplace health promotion

Workplace health promotion is the combined efforts of employers, employees and society to improve the health and well-being of people at work. This can be achieved through a combination of (1) improving the work organisation and the working environment; (2) promoting active participation; and (3) encouraging personal development. (Source)

Work-related stress

People experience stress at work when they perceive that there is an imbalance between the demands made of them by their work and the physical and mental resources they have available to cope with those demands. (Source)